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Melbourne Food Review: Kojo Brown, Bridge Rd., Richmond

Nat said she would take me to her favourite local, Kojo Brown. And so we went.

I can’t say I hang around Bridge Road a lot. Never a good shopper, I prefer to skulk around op shops so I can buy yet more crockery to fill my ridiculously full kitchen. But I digress. Suffice to say that I rarely end up in that part of town for food. Except on our wedding night when we stayed at Vila Donati. But I digress.

(Oxtail stew – $12)

Anyway! I ordered one of the specials which was the oxtail stew. Mainly because I was curious what $12 would get you. Turned out, quite a fair bit. The stew had bits of rich oxtail meat, lentils and other vegetables. It was rich and lovely and went with the slices of bread that accompanied it.

(Raviolio with sun-dried tomato sauce – $17?)

Nat went for the ravioli with sun-dried tomato sauce. She found it a bit too one dimensional and too tomatoey and wanted some bread and butter to go with it. I did offer her one of mine but because it rested on the meaty stew, she wasn’t interested. The waiter disappeared with our bread order for a while and we had to keep asking for the bread. What came was a large order of toasts and margarine. Strange, considering she asked for bread and butter.

Kojo Brown
Address: 294 Bridge Rd, Richmond, 3121
Phone: (03) 9428 9800

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