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Melbourne Food Review: Pacific Seafood BBQ House, Richmond

I have visited the Pacific Seafood BBQ House twice. Both times just for a quick lunch or a very early dinner on week days so I can’t comment on what the service would be like when the place is packed. And from all that I have heard, this place does get rather packed and it is one of the more popular restaurants on the Victoria Street eating strip in Richmond.

(complimentary broth day #1)

The dining room is sparse, no frills decor with a roaring takeaway on the roast meat selection that hang just inside the glass window. A waiter came by and deposited a little bowl of broth and a pot of tea for me before taking the order.

(complimentary broth day #2)

As the roasts seem to be the goer around here and there is usually a line of people queuing to take away the roast meats home, I decided on the roast duck and roast pork belly noodles (dry).

(roast duck and roast pork combination)

The small dish of roast duck and roast pork belly arrived first. So golden and tantalising! It was perfect. The skins were crispy and the meat juicy.

(combination roast meat with noodles – $12?)

The noodles followed a few seconds later. To my surprise, they weren’t really quite ‘dry’ but covered in sauce. I liked it nonetheless. The combination of noodles and greens and excellent roast meats made this dish pass with a flying colour.

(Sweet and sour pork with fried rice – $10?)

Josh wanted to know if it’s safe to order sweet and sour pork here. I figured since it’s a very Cantonese-style restaurant, surely it would be good. We were wrong. It was very average.

Overall, I was rather happy with my dish and the roasts were really decent but our experience was a bit limited so we need to go back and try more dishes.

Pacific Seafood BBQ House
Address: 240 Victoria St., Richmond VIC 3121
Phone: (03) 9427 8225

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