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Melbourne Food Review: Breakfast at Brisq, Lt Collins St., CBD

I am not a morning person. Oh, no. To be at work at 8.30am (yes, bummer), I literally hop out of bed at about 7.30 before rushing through everything to get to work on time. When you see a very heavily-pregnant chick running for a tram on Collins St. heading west-end, give way to her please, otherwise she will bitch about you on Twitter. And for god’s sake, if you’re sitting in the special seat and there’s nothing wrong with you, give her the damn seat.

So it follows to say that I rarely eat breakfast out. Also the fact that every time I eat breakfast out, I feel ‘why did I just pay $15 for something I can just wait in bed for Josh to make at home?’

(Big Breakfast – $16?)

So when Maya said, ‘dude, let’s do breakfast some time.’ I grudgingly obliged. But my second worst mistake of all was to let her pick. We got there at about 7:45am. Empty except for one person who was sipping her latte and reading newspaper.

Empty. And still the menu took a while to even appear. As Maya ran late, we didn’t really get to order until about 8.00am. Maya decided on porridge and coffee. I, on the Big Breakfast and Josh on the Mediterranean omelet.

Our food took a while to arrive. When I say a while, I’m talking about a good 20-minute wait for the dishes to stagger their arrival. We were basically so short for time that we had to just gobble up everything and go due all of us being quite late for work. In fact, we even have time to come with a lame comment about how the service is hardly ‘brisq.’

(Spanish omelet with chorizo and red pepper – $14?)

My Big Breakfast was consisted of plenty of fried mushrooms (decent), scrambled eggs (overcooked), spinach (slightly oily), roasted tomato halves (decent), potato rosti (oily), bacon (average), avocado and toast (horrid). It was plentiful and I suppose decent enough. But nothing to write home about.

Josh’s chorizo and capsicum omelet was… welll… he said it was okay. He was so late for work that he didn’t say much and I didn’t have time to steal any because he gobbled it down that fast. At least my work is only 300 metres away. He had no such luck.

Can’t say I was too thoroughly impressed with the food or the service. But then again, I rarely get impressed by breakfast. It was a while before I ate breakfast out since. I certainly never let Maya pick a breakfast spot again

Address: 396 Little Collins St., Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 03 9642 3633

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