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How and Why I Blog About Food

This is a bit of an overdue thing. As you may have noticed, I attended the first Australian Food Bloggers’ Conference and a few blogger had written a bit about how and why they blog. As overdue as usual, here are my reasons:

This is the baby beetroots I stole from my father-in-law’s garden dressed with olive oil, garlic and thyme before roasting.

This is the Japanese black kare raisu (curry rice) – tasted just like normal Japanese curry but black that I ate in Odawara on our honeymoon.

These are our wedding cupcakes. We froze a few of them and had them on our first wedding anniversary. They tasted the same.

This is the nasi lemak I had for breakfast at the Jonker Dessert 88 cafe in Malacca, Malaysia

This is Aix Creperie’s raspberry and rosewater yoghurt crepe.

This is a week night dinner of lamb chops, tomato, goat cheese and sourdough salad, and radicchio and mandarin salad.

This is how I blog: I blog by taking pictures of food I ate (or sometimes Josh takes photos and I steal them), restaurants I visited, places and things I saw and I put them up here with my memories of them. As I said before, this is my fabulous food porn blog.

This is why I blog: so I remember all of these fabulousness, so I have a record of these fond food memories, so I get to share them with you.

I will never write about some silly products for PR purposes. I will not write sponsored posts. I will not write anything I don’t want to write about. And I especially cannot be bothered keeping up with the food trends and ‘in’ restaurants.

I write because I appreciate something. I write because I don’t appreciate something. I amy write some really bad things about a restaurant and I might change my mind later. But I need you to bear in mind that I am not a restaurant critique nor a chef. There is no professional standard involved in my writing about food because I am not a professional food writer. I make zero money from it and it is a hobby of mine.

Meeting up with other food lovers and bloggers and making friends have been an incredible bonus I have never expected and the social side of this is much appreciated but I don’t set out to change my blog from the way it was.

I want you to come back to this blog ten years from now and still be able to cook from my haphazard recipes. I want you to be able to come back to this blog ten years from now and still appreciate the honest, simple food porniness of the restaurant food photos and think gee, I should go and try that.

Happy eating. I know I do. I love eating so much that writing about it afterward feels like getting to eat it all over again.

That’s a win-win situation, isn’t it?