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Melbourne Food Review: Roule Galette French Creperie, Flinders La.

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(Escargot:  snails in white garlic and parsley sauce – $12.00)

So this little French cafe was such a find. We walked past it one day and thought that cafe is so French and cute, we should have our lunch there. So one lunch time, Nicole, the LMT boys and I ended up there for lunch. As there were quite a few of us and we didn’t book a table, we were surprised that they were willing to shift people to accommodate us. I felt awful but the crepe and gallete were worth it!

(the inside of my galette)

The menu said ‘Escargot: Filled with 8 Snails in a white sauce with garlic and parsley. That’s so French…‘ so who am I to not go for it? I am such a sucker for anything ethnic. I have never had escargot before and I didn’t expect it to be any good as I was pretty sure it would be tinned snails. Well it was but it was very tender – kindly a really well cooked calamari and went perfectly well with the sauce. I totally recommend it though just for the fact that you can say you have had French snails!

(Special of the day – blue cheese?)

George ordered the special of the day which had a few cheeses in it including a blue cheese. He liked it. What I have found out here, by the way, is that a crêpe is made from wheat flour and is sweet as opposed to a galette which is made from buckwheat flour and is savoury. So there you go. Jason had ordered melted raclette (a type of cheese, I was told) with prociutto. The poor boy saved his cherry tomato for last so naturally I stole it. What. A. Sucker.

(Johanna -Fresh orange and Cointreau – $9.50)

Nicole was the only person that ordered a crêpe. She went for the Johanna which was orange segments and cointreau. Overall everyone enjoyed their crepe/galette. And even though they didn’t look like much, they were quite filling. The cafe itself was very charming and, well, very French. Definitely, one of those cute places to have lunch in the CBD. Or you can just do what they do in France, get one to go!

I do believe the boys have booked us to go there for lunch tomorrow.

Roule Galette French Crêperie, Café & Bar
Scott Alley, 241 Flinders Lane (outside Port Philip Arcade), Melbourne (03) 9639 0307