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Eating and Cooking all the things in Melbourne

Random Stuffs I Eated #3

I finally got my portable hard drive to work and I found some (well, a lot of) pictures from 2006. It seemed like I used to take pictures of food back then too. Although to nowhere near the extent of what I’m doing now. I guess to me a lot of these photos are significant historically. Maybe you just might not care. Ah well.

Gnocchi with gorgonzola and walnut sauce. My first home made gnocchi ever. As opposed to my last gnocchi. Not a lot of difference between them, surprisingly.

Spinach and ricotta cannelloni. Also my first ever cannelloni. Possibly my last too because I don’t remember making it at home since (have eaten it, sure, but not making it at home).

Poached pears in spiced syrup. I think I did this in the microwave. Again, first and last poached pears I ever made. Not into this poached fruits stuff. I’d rather eat them fresh or in a pie.

Scrambled eggs from Mama Duke in Caulfield. Best scrambled eggs ever. So good I had to take a picture. But then again this was 2006. So I can’t vouch for it now.

Yep. Eated them all myself.