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Random Stuffs I Eated #2

I’m beginning to think these random posts are a really good way to use up all these photos I would never otherwise make a blog post about. Let me know if you think they’re insubstantial. Not that I would stop. I love to show off what I ate. Hehe.

This was a random beetroot and fetta salad at some launch/opening party I crashed. No I wasn’t invited. I was just there for the food. This beetroot thing wasn’t bad. Or was it the beers I had before it?

Tuna sashimi, cucumber and black caviar. Didn’t taste like much to be perfectly honest. Yes, the same picture as the one on my Twitter page Crispy banh xeo (Vietnamese-style crepe with prawns, beansprouts and all the yummy things) from Tien Dat. So good. Does anyone have a recommendation for banh xeo? I love the dish and would like to try other restaurants.

A close up of the above banh xeo. The batter was so crunchy and coconut-milky. So much goodness. I proudly eated it.

And we are still at Tien Dat in Box Hill. These are the nem nuong (Vietnamese pork meatballs on skewers). They were served with rice paper, rice vermicelli, salad, fresh herbs and awesome peanut sauce. The idea is a DIY rice paper roll that you put together yourself.

Fried dumplings from Shanghai Noodle House in Tattersalls Lane in Chinatown. Not as good as David & Camy’s in Box Hill. But still pretty damn good.

Spicy beef on rice from the same place. I mean, let’s face it, you look at the menu, do you expect this? No! I saw a couple guys at the next table eating this dish and I had to ask what it was. My curiosity got the better and I ordered it. Good choice (if I may toot my own horn). The beef was so crisp and delicious. The ‘spicy’ part was not chilli at all. The beef was tossed with dried spices such as coriander. Marvellous dish I almost missed out on.

These are spicy noodles with pork and bamboo shoots (again) from Shanghai Noodle House. They don’t look like much but they are amazingly good.

Yes. I eated them all. Proud?

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