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Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Cupcake Drive

We had a cupcake drive today to support breast cancer awareness so a few of us baked some cupcakes. The theme was pink. I tried to make mine pink but that kinda failed. Heather’s butterfly cupcakes were gorgeous with fluffy, buttery texture (I asked for recipe) with delicious strawberry cream in the middle.

(Vanilla cupcakes with butter cream icing)

I’m not too sure who made this – I was told it’s just packet cupcake but it was rather nice. The cake texture was good too (better than mine anyway!).

(cinnamon cupcake with cream cheese frosting)

Nicole made cinnamon cupcakes with pink cream cheese frosting. She also made another chocolatiest flourless cake with cream and strawberry. It was very rich and yummy.

(cardamon & lemon cupcake, saffron and rosewater frosting with pistachio)

I made cardamon and lemon cupcake with saffron- rosewater frosting and pistachio. It was based loosely on Persian Love Cake (from Epicurious) but I modified it so much that it looked nothing like the original. I did attempt to add a bit of pink colouring to it but it just wouldn’t turn pink. The cupcake tasted wonderful but the texture seemed all wrong and the frosting needed work. I need to modify this further.

(vanilla cupcake with butter cream frosting #2)

These was by far the most well done cupcakes. The cupcake was beautifully vanilla (I suspect real vanilla rather than extract) and the butter cream which was also perfectly executed. Sometimes something so simple could be so gorgeous. I have no idea who made it but I’m definitely finding out and getting recipe.

Umm. Yes. I did eat 5 cupcakes today. Why? Is that bad?