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Melbourne Food Review: Lunch at David Jones Food Hall

Josh and I met up with Sharon for lunch the other day. I suggested DJ Food Hall because it was a convenient location for all of us. I have had pizza there before and found that it wasn’t too bad.

We walked around a bit and ended up at the seafood/noodle bar. To be honest I’m not too sure why. Worse still, I regretted it much more when we got our food. I ordered salt & pepper calamari. I sort of expected crumbed and fried calamari but it was more of a fried calamari which was then stir-fried with various veggies. It was so godddamned salty. I kid you not. The calamari was lovely and tender but they and the veggies were covered in the saltiest thing ever. I literally couldn’t eat it. I complained and asked for rice which they graciously provided without charge. I had to scrape all the sauce off the veggie and squid piece by piece. Shudder.

(seafood chowder – $16?)

Sharon had the seafood chowder, which looked rather good with big chunks of seafood.  It had mussels and prawns underneath the white soup and looked really good. However she commented it was quite average and that the soup was thickened with (possibly) corn flour and it became thinner once it cooled.

(‘Thai’ green chicken curry – $15?)

Josh ordered Thai green chicken curry which came with a side of rice. I actually hit him over the head for making such ridiculous choice. It served him right because it was awful. He ate about 6-7 bites and left most of it untouched because it was that awful. I tried a bit of it and concluded that it wasn’t green curry and I couldn’t really guess what curry paste went in.

Let’s just say we’re not going back there again.

On a more positive note, some more macarons that I bought Nicole as a present from the Lindt cafe.

David Jones Food Hall, 310 Bourke Street Melbourne, VIC 3000
(also Little Collins St. entrance)