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Melbourne Food Review: Grossi Florentino: The Grill (Pre-theatre Dinner)

I have made a resolution to blog using the materials at are, shall we say a bit, more current. A blogger commented that there’s no fun writing about restaurant visits that were months old as you barely remember what happened. I agree. So here we are: last Tuesday with Chicago the Musical tickets clutched excitedly in my hot little hands, we landed at Grossi Florentino: The Grill for their pre-theatre dinner.

I made the booking for 6:15pm and naturally I was fashionably late but was relieved to see that the pre-theatre menu was available until 7pm. We arrived at 6.30pm and the restaurant was already half full! Damn Melburnians and their eating-out habits.

(Josh’s first course: spaghetti con vongole)

The restaurant was relatively dimly lit and I didn’t want to use flash on the photos so excuse the blurriness (I notice some blogs seem to see it as artistic – tee he he), I can’t imagine other patrons would appreciate having the flash go off every few minutes. Anyway, we were served bread and olive oil to dip and some olives as appetizers. This was the same bread and oil that would be served at The Cellar. They were good, of course. But go up to the restaurant, and you will notice the difference.

(My first course: pâté, artichokes and cornichons)

We decided on two-course rather than three because we were going to run late (show started at 8pm) and I was pretty sure I wouldn’t have room for three courses and wine and coffee. We figured if we still wanted dessert, we could hit the Cellar Bar next door for desserts after the show.

(Josh’s main course: braised lamb with mash)

The spaghetti was good. Nothing fantastic but good and solid. My pâté was beautiful. I have had this pâté next door at the Cellar Bar before (plated up a bit differently with different sides), it was still very good. Josh isn’t a fan of liver so he doesn’t think too terribly much of it.

(My main course: pan fried fish fillet with roasted tomato)

Josh decided on the lamb for main and I on the fish. The lamb was soft and well-flavoured. Again, a good dish but nothing to write home about. This is also the same verdict with my pan-fried fish fillet (I couldn’t tell what fish it – my best guess is blue grenadier) – the tomatoes were perfectly roasted but for the life of me I couldn’t work out what the green sauce was. It didn’t taste much like anything. The fish wasn’t particularly well flavoured though.

By now it was almost 7.30pm, so I asked for the coffees to go. Josh had hot chocolate – which was rather good. Good chocolate seems to be elusive to me at the moment. My coffee was all right. And yes, I almost ran into Guy Grossi. I don’t why but I’m starstruck every time I see him.

All in all though, this was a rather good deal for $35. I also had a glass of white wine (choice was between red and white) which was mild and unassuming and went well with the food. Josh had a juice because he doesn’t drink (wasted).

And then we went on to Her Majesty’s for Chicago! It was FABULOUS. I  had my tartiest little 1920’s vaudevillian type dress and fishnets to go with the cast and had a great time. Sharon Millerchip was particularly awesome. I have decided I must go for another round if I could find tickets.

Grossi Florentino: The Grill, 80 Bourke St. Melbourne VIC 3000

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