Spatula, Spoon and Saturday

Eating and Cooking all the things in Melbourne

Lunch at the Queen Victoria Market

I took my friend Rowena who was in town for the week from good old Queenstown in New Zealand. So I figured I should take her to the Queen Vic market for some boreks and German hotdogs – my favourites! I can’t say which one is my favourite borek because I love them all and just rotate what I get.

But nope. She had one borek (didn’t even like it because it had too much parsley in it) and decided that that was enough bread she could handle for one meal and that she missed good old Cantonese style food. So, wouldn’t you know it, we ended up at the food court. You know, Row, if I had know you wanted Chinese, I would have taken you to China Town! Much closer!

The food court (I’m assuming it’s new because I haven’t been there before) was nice and spacious. Best of all lots of good natural light for photos. Which is why I want to write this up as the photos are much better than the food! I’m really generally not a fan of food court food (but that’s me being fussy, innit).

Row decided on braised beef with noodles, which was noodles topped Cantonese style beef stew and stock. She put liberal amount of chillis on it and loved it. I just like this photo!

Row enjoyed it immensely because apparently you don’t get this sort of food in Queenstown. But she lives in the most gorgeous house by the most gorgeous surrounding – I think that might be compensation enough!

I settled on Laksa. I’m not too sure why. It was very average. I have had much better laksa in my time. It didn’t come with coriander though. Row didn’t like it on hers so she piled it on mine. The eggplant that was on the laksa was quite good but that’s pretty much it.

Personally, I would have gone for the hot dog!