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Melbourne Food Review: Koko Black, Camberwell

Pim and Hong (aka the two girls with the worst case of sweet toothitis I have ever know) desperately needed some chocolate, in fact they specifically asked for Koko Black. Who am I to refuse the prompting of (very domineering) fate? Good thing there’s one five-minute drive away (plus it wasn’t a bitch to find parking, who could ask for more?)

So we ended up Koko Black in Camberwell. It was outfitted like, y’know, any Koko Black store except it has a bit more room and a chocolate room at the back where a chocolatier was doing her stuff.

We decided since it was mid morning and we would head to lunch soon-ish, we would only order a drink each and share a chocolate platter (Belgian Spoil – $22.00) Note only being the operative word!

(Belgian hot chocolate with chilli – $5.75)

I had a Belgian hot chocolate with chilli – one of the better chilli hot chocolate out there but to be perfectly honest I’m fussy and I’m not a big fan of Koko Black. And the pink whatever-it-was put me off somewhat.

(Belgian hot chocolate – a part of the Belgian Spoil set)

Pim ordered the original Belgian hot chocolate. She thought it was great.

(Belgian iced chocolate – a part of the Belgian Spoil set)

Hong ordered iced. Not too sure why. I mean, it was winter! And yes, one of these days I would learn to take better pictures and maybe even learn to use Josh’s DSLR. One of these days, I would also go to the gym in the morning. Haha.

(Belgian Spoil – a ‘traditional’ chocolate platter)

The chocolate platter set included the two drinks, a chocolate cake, shortbread, chocolate, chocolate mousse, chocolate ice cream.

Chocolate mousse was quite nice. I’m not a fan of chocolate mousse in general but I didn’t mind this one. Chocolate ice cream was all right. You can’t really beat Haagen Dazs chocolate ice cream though.

The chocolate cake was nice and so was the shortbread. Didn’t have any of the chocolate pieces but Mat bought me a box of Koko Black choccies for my birthday which I enjoyed greatly. They were absolutely yummy. Thanks Mat!

(now this is what I call the spoil!)

I’m probably not the best person to do a chocolate review and to be honest, I can never get excited about a chain. Well. Maybe. Sometimes. But not this time.

Koko Black Chocolate, 799 Burke Rd., Camberwell, VIC