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Spicy Lamb and Tomato Soup

This is also known as What To Do When You Still Have Leftover Roast Lamb

If you think the ingredients are a bit questionable, just so you know, this soup is totally in the spirit of desperate food day. I basically start off by tossing the leftover leg of lamb (there wasn’t much left of it), bone and all, into a boiling pot of water and let it stew for about 20 minutes and went from there.

This is literally what happened/my line of thoughts:

  • ‘Hmm. Oh! I have corn. That really needs to be used up! They make soup out of corn cobs in Singapore.’ *chop up corn cob into 4 pieces and toss into the pot*
  • *consult cookbook for Lamb and Chickpea Soup ‘Oh they add canned tomatoes and parsley’ *add a can of diced tomatoes and a handful of chopped parsley*
  • *find some carrots* ‘Oooh, let’s toss that in’ *chop up and toss in a carrot*
  • ‘Maybe something starchy? Oh yeah, I have potatoes!’ *toss in a skin-on, cubed potato*
  • ‘Should probably tear the meat of the lamb leg…’ *fish out the lamb leg and shred out the leftover meat, return the meat back to the soup*
  • *taste* ‘Hmm, that doesn’t taste very much’ *add a vegetable stock cube*
  • *taste* ‘That still doesn’t taste very much’ *add salt and pepper*
  • *taste* ‘I think it needs spices. Oh damn. The spice collection is two years old’ *rummage around in the fridge and find instant Japanese curry roux blocks, toss two small blocks into the soup*
  • *taste* ‘Hey! Not bad! Need more tomatoey flavour though.’ *add a tbsp of tomato paste, leave to simmer 15 more minutes.

It really wasn’t bad. Seriously.

Note: the ‘spicy’ bit in the title is a total lie. The words Japanese curry and spicy do not belong together in a sentence. Ever. But I would totally have added some coriander, cumin and cayenne pepper if I had any.