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Melbourne Food Review: Seng Hing Gourmet, Caulfield East

Went out for some nice Chinese food at Seng Hing Gourmet in Caulfield on Friday night with Josh. I used to work around the area and ate lunch there a lot. I like their good, simple, homely Chinese food. It’s usually a lot more crowded during lunch with the Monash Uni students and staff. It’s my favourite Chinese restaurant in Melbourne (take that with a grain of salt because I’m generally not impressed with the typical Australianised Chinese restaurants so I rarely venture in that territory).

I started off with Pork and Preserved Vegetable Soup (I think $4.00). It’s basically pork and pickled Szechuan vegetable. It always amazes me how the Chinese restaurants get their food so hot. I envy their huge wok stove. It goes! For main I had the Fried Bean Curd and Vegetables on Rice ($8.00) – which is what I usually order when I’m there. It doesn’t sound very interesting but believe me it’s really good.

Josh ordered Beef Fried Noodles ($8.00) – which is crunchy egg noodles with beef and vegetable stir-fry.

A shot of the restaurant from the outside. Sorry I couldn’t hold still enough. Couldn’t help it.

We then saw Slumdog Millionaire. End of our Friday night adventure.

Seng Hing Gourmet Restaurant, 1 Derby Rd. (corner Sir John Monash Drive), Caulfield East.