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Singapore food review: melt @ the mandarin oriental

Work took us there for dinner. Lots of yummy, fabulous food and free-flow wine. I’m kinda lazy at the moment, so I’ll just write little and just turn it into a food porn post. I would like to say though, that it was an awesome buffet. Highly recommended. Except, I don’t really know how much it was (didn’t pay) so can’t recommend it in terms of values.

The cold seafood bar. There were lots of oysters, prawns, Indonesian lobster, scallops and mussels.

My first plate.

Moving on to the sushi!

The cheese fountain. Horrid cheese mix thingie of course. But I loved it.

My 2nd plate

My 3rd plate. The balls are melon balls I think:

Salads, condiments, etc:

The breads:

The cheese board (speaking of cheese, Mat brought over some really lovely cheese today. End news flash):

The Indian section:

My nth plate

The Chinese noodle/soup section:

Some pretty orchid as a distraction from the food porniness:

There was also a Thai section and a couple of others which I can’t really remember.

Moving on to the desserts! The desserts were… let’s just say… plentiful!

Local Singaporean desserts:

Freshly made waffles with toppings of your choice!

They even had a chocolate fountain with various things to dip in it. The chocolate tasted a bit cheap-ish. My only complaint for the entire place. It was awesome!

Melt: World Cafe, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, 6 Raffles Blvd., Singapore