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Omelet!!! – Spatula, Spoon and Saturday

How can I not be excited about omelet!!! (Would it be annoying if I follow the word ‘omelet’ with three exclamation marks? Omelet!!! Okay it is annoying, so maybe just one exclamation mark. I’m sure this will annoy Susi nevertheless and I must not upset 33.3333% of my audience) Omelet!

Omelet is what I make when the fridge gets clogged up with vegetables in the morning. Generally on Saturdays and Sundays because on weekdays I have a habit of getting up at 8.40 and I’m supposed to start work at 9. So toasts or muesli on weekdays, it is. You may notice that for the past three recipes I have zucchini, red capsicum and eggplant in it. This one will be no different (except the eggplant – which I have a grand plan for called kareraisu) because I can only do so many batches of shopping you know.

So I chopped up a bit of all the veggies, namely 1/4 of red capsicum, 1/6 of a zucchini, 1/4 of an onion, 3 cherry tomatoes. I know this is really silly way of telling you the measurements, let’s just say aim for about a cup of chopped vegetables all up (by the way this will make a HUGE omelet for one person). I also used a strip of bacon and two eggs.

Put a tiny bit of butter in a non-stick frying pan (this is the $4 Ikea non-stick pan which everyone should get just to make a good omelet in), add the chopped onion and bacon (which has been sliced, obviously) and toss around until the bacon browns slightly. Use medium heat here because you don’t want it to be crisp. Add the rest of the vegetables (except the tomatoes) and toss around in the pan for about 3-4 minutes until all the veggies soften. Add the tomatoes and cook for about 1 more minute. Add a few twists of freshly ground black pepper. Remove it from the pan and set aside.This will be your omelet filling.

Beat two eggs (if you need to season the eggs, add some salt but I find that the bacon and cheese that we’re about to put in is salty enough). Add a tiny little b it of olive oil in the frying pan and tip the eggs in. Turn the heat to medium-low, swirl the eggs around so it spreads out evenly. Leave it to set for about 1 minute or so (depends how you like you eggs cooked, I like mine not quite set on the inside).

At this point I put the bread in the toast oven.

Tip the veggie filling onto one side of the omelet. Grate some mild cheese (in this case I used Colby which Josh brought over from Australia because you just cannot get Colby cheese here in Singapore. I suspect because it doesn’t have a long enough shelf life to bother exporting). Carefully fold over the other side of the omelet to cover the veggie and cheese filling. I always make too much filling, but it just tastes better that way. I also like a bit of fresh herbs in my omelet and fresh parsley will be ace here but, um, I don’t have any (wow surprise factor+++). If you like neat little omelet, just halve the filling. Leave it to sit while your toasts finish off.

And that’s how you make the biggest breakfast omelet. Wash it down with a glass of nice juice. I am so in love with the mangosteen juice at the moment.


  1. Onion, ham, tomato and cheese (simple, functional, boring but tasty)
  2. Olives, zucchini, semi-dried tomatoes, fetta cheese, fresh mint (add at the same time as the cheese)
  3. Mushrooms, bacon, onion, marjoram
  4. Red capsicum, olives, zucchini, goat’s cheese, fresh oregano

I <3 omelet! I’m going to put this in the Vegetarian category because you really don’t need the bacon to make the dish wonderful. I just felt the need for a bit of pig fat in my breakfast but you can easily do without.