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Fishball and Cabbage Soup

I have discovered something awesome in Singapore and that is stuffed fish balls. I have no idea how they are made commercially. I’ve seen a TV show making it. Basically it seems like they mince some fish meat with seasonings and just make them into balls. Like meatballs really. But fish. And more finely minced and different texture. One day, I had this noodle soup thing for lunch at a foodcourt near work and it had these balls in them but what is special is that it has minced chicken bits in the middle which were tasty. So I went hunting for them at the supermarket and accidentally bought the right things – which is rare considering I can’t read Chinese. Score one for me.

So fishball and cabbage soup is what we have.

Bring some chicken stock to boil (I made this by dissolving a Knorr chicken stock cube in a litre of water. If you can get a hold of nice chicken stock cubes, this soup is so simple. Making your own chicken stock can be a pain if you’re hungry because it takes time). Add some chopped shittake mushrooms (if you’re using dried shittake mushrooms, rinse them under water to wash out any dirt and soak them in hot water for a few minutes and then chop. Don’t throw out the soaking water, add it to the soup) and some cabbage leaves and the fishballs. Simmer for about 5 minutes.

That’s it! Seriously. Dinner in ten minutes. Score two for the lazy girl.