Australian Onion Soup

You have heard of French Onion Soup and you may have heard of Jamie Oliver’s English Onion Soup (if you’re a fan or a cookbook-buying fanatic) but I would like to introduce you to the Australian Onion Soup. So how did this come about? Josh’s wind band was organising a sausage sizzle fund raising one...
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Japanese Potato Salad {Speedy Recipe}

Introducing Spatula, Spoon and Saturday Speedy Recipe. Because I kinda have less time but I am trying to meet the one-new-blog-post a week commitment. So I will be brief. The recipe will be fairly quick and to the point. If you are new to cooking, please feel free to leave questions below. Ingredients – Salad...
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Pattaya Floating Market {Photo Essay}

A couple of years back we went to Thailand to visit my folks. One of the coolest touristy places Mum took us to was the Pattaya Floating Market. Being a Thai market, by default, it was full of interesting Thai food. Being a tourist place, it was interestingly decorated and full of souvenir type shops...
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