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Happy 200th Post – Spatula, Spoon and Saturday!

Dear Spatula, Spoon and Saturday,

You are one of the spices of my life…

My little blog. How you have grown.

Do you remember the time we had together when I worked in Singapore? And I was lonely, away from home and I had you to keep me company? I’m sorry I neglected you then. I’m sorry I never really got a chance to tell you about all the interesting, diverse food culture Singapore had to offer. Did you know that Singapore has the most food bloggers per capita in the world? You should have been one of the shining ones, but work required 60+ hours a week from me. It was hard.

But this year, I made up for it, didn’t I? We made Melbourne our home. Again, for me. You, for the first time.

When we, you and I, moved back to Melbourne, you neglected, me bored and unemployed. I started cooking and I wrote to you about it. Remember the Fig, Mozzarella and Rocket Salad? That post started our big Melbourne journey together. Remember how I got given a whole bunch of fresh figs from Nana’s tree? Throughout May and June (when I wasn’t busy going places), I started telling you about Josh and my honeymoon trip to Japan, even some about Singapore and snippets of my travelling around South East Asia especially Malaysia. I’m sad though, that I never told you much about Thailand, my home. We will need to fix that.

Over the few, but productive months that I also took you to Central Australia. I started working again in July (enough travelling)  and that was when I could afford to take you out to all the fabulous eating places Melbourne had to offer. Remember my silly drunken review of Cafe Vue cocktail night? And the fabulous Maha, Bar Lourinha and SiChuan Dining Room with all its chilli glory. And Coopers Inn – where I had my 21st birthday the rerun. And Tempura Hajime? Who could forget Tempura Hajime? Fresh plump scallops stuffed with uni. Droolworthy. Not to mention the dingy little Thai place, Me Dee Thai,  in Springvale that does proper Thai food and the infamous Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar. I still have lots to tell you. I haven’t even told you about my eternal Melbourne favourites: the Cellar Bar for its charming Italian heart, Mitsuno for its wonderous ‘Japanese-inspired’ cuisine. I haven’t even told you about Bombay By Night properly and how much we love these places. But I will.

I experimented a lot too. I made all sorts of interesting food. What about my seafood craze? The simple steamed blue swimmers? My first perfect spaghetti con vongole? Nicoise salad with seared lemon & thyme tuna? The paella? What about the roasts? Beef with Yorkshire pudd, pork with apple sauce, lamb with rosemary and garlic, chicken with fabulous gravy. Not to mention the greenie spaghetti with asparagus, lemon and shallot that I made up after being inspired by the farmers’ market (we do love our farmers’ market, don’t we?) and Joshua’s best lasagna in the world

Josh has been making lots of Thai food lately. I’m so proud of him.

Have I ever told you this little fact: people on the internet are by far most interested in how to boil an egg in a microwave. It’s so strange that every months, hundreds of people from all over the world learn how to boil eggs on Spatula, Spoon and Saturday. One of those mysterious things in life, I suppose.

We have many years of posts ahead of us. I have asked the lovely Tara who is a talented graphic designer, and with my old web development skills, we will give you a brand new face. Not that you need it. You are already beautiful  but you do deserve a unique, new face. It will take time. But I will work on it.

Meanwhile, I still have lots to tell you about food. Hear me out. Don’t get bored of me yet.

With all my love,