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Scottish Flapjacks (Oat, Butter and Honey Biscuit)

I’m pretty sure I made this for the very first time in Home Ec when I was in Year 8. Before I go on to lament on how Home Economics is seriously undervalued (actually, I won’t because we’d be here all day), I’d better give you the instructions in 10 words:

Heat butter. Add honey. Add sugar. Add oats. Stir. Bake.

Not enough? Ah well. I tried.

For about 10-12 slice-sized biscuits:

  1. 3.5 cups of rolled oats
  2. 125 g. of unsalted butter
  3. 1/3 cup of sugar
  4. 4 tbsp of honey

Preheat the oven to 150′C. Place the baking tray in the oven to warm.

Melt the butter on low heat. Add honey and stir until combined. Add sugar and stir until the sugar dissolves. Add all of the oats and stir over low heat for a few minutes until well combined.

Cut a sheet of baking paper to the size of the baking tray. I useLyn’s baking tray which is about 18cm x 25cm. It’s perfect for making the quantity of flapjacks that this recipe produces. This is the reason  she is not getting her baking tray back in hurry.

Take a block of butter and run the butter on the warmed tray. This is the easiest way to grease the tray. I do the same with muffin tins and other baking containers. Add the oat mixture and press it down firmly. Bake for about 30-40 minutes.

Once done, leave to cool for about 10 minutes before slicing into biscuits.

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