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Prospect Espresso, Camberwell {Melbourne Review}

Prospect Burger at Prospect espresso

Prospect Espresso. I’m surprised we haven’t tried this lovely place considering it’s pretty close to home but ventured into it one day we did after I had a blood test at Melbourne Path nearby. Mum and Mini were there with me. We got there at around 11ish on a weekend and the place was bustling. We had to wait a few minutes for the table but luckily not too long.

Flat White at Prospect Espresso

(Flat White – $4)

We ordered drinks – a flat white for me, a babycino for Mini and an orange juice for Mum. Coffee was great and Mini was terribly happy with her babycino ($?) I have been back a few times to get takeaway coffee including an iced coffee since and I have to say the coffee is consistently great. The orange juice ($6) was not so great but it was in the middle of Summer so I personally would say Mum had it coming for ordering fresh orange juice in Summer. Who does that? Repeat after me: citrus is a Winter thing. If you’re eating oranges in Summer, they are either months old or came from the US. Don’t do it. Same with apples.

Babycino at Prospect Espresso

(Babycino for Mini – $?)

Smoked Trout Salad with Peas, Zucchini, Snow Pea Shoots

(Smoked trout, zucchini, peas and snow peas salad – $16?)

Because we have all eaten breakfast, we settled on the lunch menu. I ordered the smoked trout salad with zucchini strips, fresh peas, snow pea shoots and ($16?) and it was the most darling of salads. The leaves and peas were so fresh they were beautifully sweet and really complimented the smoked trout and the quite rich crème fraîche(?) sauce. I really thoroughly enjoyed it. We were sitting in this gorgeous cafe with lots of sunlight shining through and it was the kind of salad that made you happy it’s Summer (too bad it’s Autumn now – not that I don’t love Melbourne in Autum, I just love Summer more.)

Golden chips at Prospect Espresso

(Thick cut chips – served with the Prospect Burger – $20.5)

Mum ordered the Prospect Burger ($20.5) which is their Angus burger with bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce and pickle on a brioche(!) bun served with thick-cut chips. Mum finds Australian food size completely overwhelming so while I was palming off some of my lovely salad to Mini in an attempt to train her in eating salad (she does, yay!) I got to try a bit of the burger. It was delicious. The meat was juicy and everything was put together well. No complaints whatsoever. The chips were also well made and they were served with mild aioli and I am always a sucker for adding oily sauces onto deep fried things for extra calories.

It was a very pleasant lunch in a small, cozy cafe. The food was well made and thought out and the coffee was great. The high-ish price tag is common within the area and obviously a favourite with the locals. While there wasn’t a kid’s menu, they were quite accomodating with having Mini and the service was decent. But I really love the food and coffee. Will definitely be back.

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Prospect Espresso [ Website ]
Address: 2A Prospect Hill Road, Camberwell VIC 3124
Phone: (03) 9882 7359
Hours: Monday – Friday 7am – 4pm, Saturday – Sunday 8am – 4.30pm
Public Transport: Camberwell Train Station (260m), Tram 72 (10m), Tram 70 & 75 (400m)

Prospect Espresso on Urbanspoon

Mechouli (Moroccan Barbecued Lamb) and Greek Salad 8

Cookbook Challenge Week #18

Book: Food Safari by Maeve O’Meara (recipe by Aziz Bakalla) Theme: Barbecue Recipe: Mechouli

Still playing catch up with my Cookbook Challenge. Since Summer started, we have been quite keen on doing simple grilled meat and salad for dinner. I know it’s not a particularly new concept but we aren’t big meat eaters but we have worked out that a bit of cold meat salad is also quite good for lunch the next day and we haven’t looked back since.

Because our barbecue is actually MIA (we took it up to Josh’s country house for our engagement party – yes you read it right, our engagement party which happened in 2007 and it’s still sitting there unused), we have been ‘barbecuing’ on our iron cast grill. Cast iron grill is great for indoor grilling, it holds a lot of heat and gives you that ‘barbecue’ taste.

As I might have mentioned it again and again, get all your cast iron cookware at camping stores rather than homeware stores. The price difference is enormous.

So back to the recipe! Our new favourite cut of lamb for barbecuing is the lamb back straps – which aren’t available at our local supermarkets (ie. no last minute dinner to be made lamb back straps!) but it’s beautiful, lean and tender that we keep buying it again and again from our local market. If you haven’t tried this cut, I strongly recommend it. (more…)

Melbourne Food Review: Journal Canteen, Flinders La, CBD 7

I love Journal Canteen. I love the simple perfectly made Italian food that is served there. What? Am I giving away the ending again? Sorry.

(small antipasto platter – $15)

Well, I work near Journal Canteen and we go there for lunch quite often, so this post will be about a few trips that we made to Journal Canteen and some the fabulous food they serve there.

First things first, Journal Canteen is not Journal (the cafe), which is visible from Flinders Lane. They are in the same building so don’t get confused. To get to Journal Canteen (also known as Rosa’s Kitchen – its red neon lettering visible from Flinders Lane), you need to go into the CAE building and it’s up a few steps up on the right.

(the same antipasto platter but on the other side)

The menu at Journal Canteen changes almost everyday. There’s the standing favourite, of course, which is the anti pasto platter (small or large). The items on the platter do change depending on seasons (we have had zucchini flowers) but this time we had olives, sliced salami, zucchini fritter, dressed potato, dressed zucchini (with mint), grilled capsicum, grilled eggplant with tomato sauce. The very first time Nicole had the eggplant, she reckoned it was the best eggplant she ever had. The eggplant itself gets cooked different ways each time we visited though.

(complimentary bread – just bread, no butter, no oil)

The menu, as I mentioned earlier, changes daily but it always consists of generally a pasta or two dishes, a meat or two dishes and a vegetarian option. (more…)

Melbourne Food Review: Me Dee Thai Restaurant, Springvale 14

Tom Yum Goong (Prawns)

If there is one word to be said about the Thai food scene in Melbourne, that word would be shithouse. Seriously, the state of Thai food in Melbourne is abominable. Sure there’s a Thai takeaway shop in every corner, but pretty much all of them are rubbish. The very first time Josh went to Thailand and had the first real Thai food, he said ‘now I know what you’re on about when you say Thai food in Melbourne is rubbish’. Of course, he also had the ‘pleasure’ to have Thai food that was aimed at tourists in touristy places in Thailand and found them to be equally rubbish.

tom yum soup pot

All that aside, I found a restaurant I rather approve of. It sits in a very unassuming corner in Springvale. Which means good news because anyone who has driven to Springvale will understand what I mean when I said parking was abnormally a breeze. (more…)

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