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MoPho Noodle Bar, South Yarra { Melbourne Food Review } 6

MoPho stir-fried hokkien noodles

I am never a big fan of the whole ‘Asian-inspired’ or ‘pan-Asian’ type cuisine – not even when it’s drilled down to be ‘South East Asian-inspired’. Let’s face it, there is no such thing. But when the lovely fellow food bloggers Michele (of Iron Chef Shellie)  and Kat (of Urban Cook’s Journal) asked whether I wanted to go along for a LOLWL (Ladies of Leisure who Lunch) session at St Ali’s (at the time) brand new noodle house in South Yarra and my mother-in-law offered to watch Mini Me for a few hours, I promptly said yes. No, I’m pretty sure I said hell yes!

In fact I might have been hummimg Free as a Bird walking down Yarra St.

We got there a bit early on a weekday and were the only people in the restaurant. Our waiter had rocked up to offer us drinks. The drink list, at the time, was limited to a very small selection of uninteresting Asian beers and a couple of wines.

limited selection of beers


The restaurant had a cool vibe with its simple decor and a very funky looking panda mascot (that I regret not having a picture of). Our waiter was friendly and service casual to reflect the style of this eatery.

Mopho Menu

(A part of the menu)

The menu at MoPho was divided into categories of soup noodles, wok noodles, salad noodles, curries and sides. Michele spoke of a sichuan pepper chicken wing dish that was featured on another blog that she had wanted to try. And who says no to chicken wings? Nobody, that’s who! We were all dead keen on the wings but unfortunately they weren’t available at lunch time.

, grilled pork belly, Asian herbs, sweet fish sauce, tamarind and scud chillies

(Glass noodle, grilled pork belly, Asian herbs, sweet fish sauce, tamarind and scud chillies – $15.50) (more…)

Melbourne Food Review: China Red, Chinatown, CBD 10

wontons in chilli oil at China Red

For once I feel like I’m keeping up with the Melbourne food trend. No. Not really. But I have been going back to my old materials and found out that I really cannot remember about things I ate last year! So I figure I might try a different tact and post about a restaurant I’ve been to recently.

Touch screen ordering at China Red

Just in case you haven’t heard of China Red (And why haven’t you? Jess, Billy, Penny, Dani have all written about it), it’s a new dumpling place in that newly renovated arcade on Burke St. We rocked up on the very first preview night of Hairspray* at the Princess Theatre and we were looking for somewhere to grab out dinner. Jacqui wanted to hit the pub but, you see, I haven’t had dumplings in 22 days. Did you get that? I went twenty two days without dumplings. Suffice to say, we did not go to the pub.

Eight Treasure Noodles at China Red

(Eight treasure noodles – $9.80?)

You might have also noticed that the novelty of this place is the touch screen ordering. Where you simply choose what you want, go through a couple of  ‘Are you sure you want to order this? There is no cancelling it, you know?’ warnings on the screen and about 5 minutes later, your dish arrives. Loves it. No fuss. No talking to waiters over noise. No mispronouncing xiao long bao (seriously, does anyone know how to pronounce that word?). So it’s all great. Except, well, notice how much food we had for 3 people? Yeah. That. Be careful. Sooooo easy to over order. And also bear in mind that it is a nice dumpling place – not your average hole-in-the-wall cheapo dumpling place. The prices are slightly higher. (more…)

The Lovely Noodles I Ate in Thailand 14

(Pad Thai from a Bangkok street)

This is a bit of a left over of ‘What I Ate in Thailand‘ series.

We Thais love our noodles. Although we never really invented any of our own noodle dishes, we have managed to bastardise a few. And they are really genuinely good. One of the ones that Thais will proudly claim as their own is the pad thai (above). It’s not really. It’s still bastardised Chinese dish but with some distinct lovely Thai touches.

(a pad thai is usually served with fresh banana flower, lime, beansprouts and garlic chives)

A pad thai needs to have relatively bitey noodles (so soak these rice sticks in warm water for longer, don’t boil them) with a good complex sauce made of fish sauce, tamarind, palm sugar and other goodies. I have a pad thai recipe on this blog somewhere but I’m quite embarrassed by its half-arseness.

While we’re on the scale of Thai-ness, this is a yum – or a salad. The word yum really doesn’t translate into salad quite nicely but it is indeed yummy. This noodle salad is made by blanching seafood, fish sticks, Vietnamese sausages, a pack of instant noodles (yep), a bit of vegetables and some herb (in this case Chinese celery leaves) and pile on the really hot dressing made of chilli, fish sauce, lime juice, sugar and naturally a heap spoon of MSG. I have had some really good yum mamaa (instant noodle salad) but this one was truly awful. But you can’t really tell from the picture, can you? (more…)

Jamie Oliver’s Dan Dan Noodles 9

Book: Jamie’s America by Jamie Oliver Theme: Noodles Recipe: Dan Dan Noodles

I have had dan dan noodles a few times at a Taiwanese cafe – which was awesome. However, I have always suspected that the whole Taiwanese home-made style cafe doesn’t lend itself to this authentic Szechuan dish.

As I had no benchmark*, I figured Jamie Oliver’s version is as good as any. And, guess what? Killing two birds with one stone (and breaking the Cookbook Challenge rule since I made this on new year’s eve), I present you this dish. The recipe has been highly bastdardised due to availability of ingredients.


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