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ANOIA Pizza & Pasta Bar, Hawthorn {Melbourne Review}



This is a love story of sorts.

Once upon a time, a girl and a boy met. They fell in love and were desperate to be together forever. So they did what most people in this situation do, they got married. Unfortunately as a part and parcel of all that, they decided that it would be a great idea to also have a baby. Fast forward a few years later, they suddenly realised,

Wait, whatever happened to date night?’ You know, that mythical night where we go out and have long dinners and talk and not want to fall asleep from exhaustion at 9pm?

Luckily though, they managed to con friends and family into this horrendous activity, that only humans would subject themselves to, babysitting. But the thing with babysitting is, it’s limited. How shall we say, too goddamn short? So they went on a journey – a journey to find good restaurants near home, that is inexpensive (because this baby thing costs a hell lot of money.)


(Roast artichokes stuffed with goat’s cheese – $13.4)

So one day, after they put the baby to bed (well, the baby is now a child) and a sucker of a person had volunteered to babysit, they, without a lot of time to actually plan, ended up strolling around Glenferrie Rd at around 9pm on a school night wondering where to eat (which on hindsight was not the best laid plan.) They found a lovely little cozy looking pizza and pasta bar still buzzing with activities in the otherwise dead strip.

They were welcomed warmly and given the only table that was available in a smallish dining room. They could see that it was a busy night for them and could only see one floor staff and they thought it would be hard pressed to get service, but they were completely wrong (they also found out there was another dining room out back.) Their waiter was so lovely and accommodating. While the food wasn’t fast, it was a great conversational pace and they didn’t feel the food was too slow.


(Zucca – white base, fiore di latte, roasted pumpkin, pinenuts w. rockets and goat’s cheese – $16.5)

Perfect date night and all this love aside, they were STARVING. So they decided that it would be a good idea to get two small pizzas. They, not being Italian, clearly kept forgetting that an Italian’s idea of a small pizza isn’t really small. So, of course, they also ordered a starter (roast artichoke) and a salad as a side.

BUT WAIT! Upon browsing through the sides, they noticed CHIPS. Like real, proper CHIPS, which they hadn’t had for ages. Better still, they could order chips WITH ragu. They thought,

If anything could be better than CHIPS, it was CHIPS WITH RAGU.

I could tell you on their behalf, that those chips were the best chips they had in a long time. And by god, there were a lot of them.


(Patatine – chips w. ragu – $10.0)

The two small pizzas turned out to be quite a decent size, it was quite a meal for them. She had picked the mushroom pizza and he had picked the pumpkin pizza. She was slightly perplexed at the include of the prociutto and while they didn’t take anything away from an otherwise excellent pizza, she feels it didn’t really add to it. But she loved these mushroomy, truffle-oiled type bianco pizza anyway and this one was totally not bad at all. He absolutely loved his pumpkin pizza, especially the addition of pine nuts. They shared their pizzas, of course and came to the usual he says, she says conclusion that the pizza they each ordered was better than the other’s.

But they were both in love and they had the date night in a lovely, cozy restaurant where the food was fantastic – the pizzas were great and those chips with ragu were to die for –  the service great and the bonus of it being barely ten-minute drive from home, they vowed they would return to try out other pasta dishes which were strongly recommended by a couple of friends who lived in the area.

The sad ending to this story is, however, they hadn’t managed to go back despite their promise to each other that they would make their date nights more frequent. But such is life. And love.

Featured photo is Funghi – white base, fior di latte, field & porcini mushrooms w. thyme and truffle oil, prociutto – $18.5.

ANOIA Artisan Pizza and Pasta Bar [ web site ]
Address: 779 Glenferrie Road Hawthorn VIC 3122 
Phone: (03) 9819 2900
Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 5:30pm – Late
Public Transport: Tram 16 (10m) or trains to Glenferrie Station (600m)

ANOIA Artisan Pizza & Pasta Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Ajisen Ramen, Burwood Rd., Hawthorn { Melbourne Food Review } 3

(Chasyu ramen at Ajisen Ramen in Hawthorn)

It is a fact of life that all good things must come to an end. And so my year of maternity leave is over and I am now back at work. As much as I really enjoy working, I have no time to even eat out as much, let alone keeping this blog updated.

But try, I must. And happily, I would like to welcome 2012 with an annoucement that I have found The Best Ramen In Melbourne. So far anyway.

Now I know what you think. Ajisen? Chain ramen? Pah! But really, this Ajisen is so different from all the Ajisen ramen I have had (and I have had them in four different countries including the one in Melbourne CBD).

(Ajisen Hawthorn menu)

We went to Ajisen Ramen in Hawthorn because it is basically the closest ramen joint to us and one weeknight when I have a craving for ramen (I do that), I decided that we should give this new(ish) joint a go. It was rather quiet with only one or two patrons. I suspect that, being near Swinburne University and right at the lobby of UniLodge, it does a bit more roaring trade during the lunch hours.

Ajisen does their ramen Kumamoto style – that is, with tonkotsu broth (rich, white, pork bone broth) that has been cut with a little bit of chicken stock. The result is a lovely well balance broth that, while fairly rich and fragrant with its pork fat glory (yes, I said pork fat glory, get over it), is not so stickly fatty and rich that you feel ill after two spoonfuls (though admittedly I have absolutely no issue putting away a large bowl of one.)

Josh went for the Chasyu ramen ($11) which turned out to be the absolutely correct choice. The broth was delicious. Excellent balance between great flavours and not too salty or rich. The noodle was bitey and firm. The roast pork, or chashu, was so meltingly tender and just so damn perfect. The crunchy wood ear strips provided a great balance of texture. The egg was just a touch too well done for my liking but I’m happy to report that I have been back twice since and the egg is now perfectly soft boiled.

What a great bowl of ramen.

(Volcano ramen – $12?)

Unfortunately for me though, on our first trip, because I was in a mood for spicy ramen, I ordered their Volcano ramen. It was a mistake. The Ajisen volcano sauce in this instance was so overpoweringly spicy and bitter than it completely ruined the dish. (more…)

Melbourne Food Review: Liar Liar, Hawthorn 11

It was not without trepidation when we decided to brave our little family in our first brunch out adventure since Mini Me was born. You may have found out from the previous posts that I am generally not a fan of having breakfast food because I find that most Melbourne cafes serve the same breakfast food. Eggs on toasts, pancakes, French toasts, Bircher muesli… not  hard to make at home, right?

But Liar Liar, of course, is a special little gem within our neighbourhood so we decided to take our little two-and-a-half-month-old baby for her first cafe visit. I was very impressed with the lovely modern decor but most of all the incredible amount of space in the dining room that would have fit prams with not a lot of problems at all.

(potato rosti with smoked salmon, red onion and rocket leaves)

The breakfast menu didn’t disappoint – while you can have your usual eggs on toasts with all the trimmings, there were other more interesting options. Josh opted for the potato rosti with smoked salmon. The rosti was perfectly cooked and went perfectly with the salty smoked salmon, onion and peppery rocket leaves. His only complaint was that he wish there were more food! (more…)

Melbourne Food Review: SiChuan Dining Room, Hawthorn 11

Oh my god, I am so stoked about this place. I have read John Lethlean’s reviews on Epicure (review 1 & review 2) and in both reviews he stressed about how interesting the menu is so we decided to give it a go one (very) late Saturday lunch.

From the outside, the restaurant looks just like any other suburban Chinese restaurant (which was why we’d never been) but the dining room was large and spacious (I guess it also helped there only three tables were taken up) but the inside was rather nicely decked out. We, of course, have a TV playing Hong Kong movie in the corner (you’d need that).

It was yum cha hour but I decided that we wanted to try their menu. The menu was awesome. It had all the interesting things not available in your typical Chinese restaurant. I was so excited at how interesting the menu is. I have never even heard and or read about many of the items. So, with that in mind, please don’t think too badly of me that I ordered four dishes between the two of us. (more…)

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