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Imperial Chinese Seafood Restaurant, Glen waverley (Again) 3

Scollop dumplings at Imperial Chinese Seafood Restaurant

One of the rules I have in life is that when you find a good place to yum cha (or rather from my point of view, eat a bucket load of steamed dumplings) – you stick to it. And this is the case with Imperial Chinese Seafood Restaurant.

Spare ribs in black bean sauce at Imperial Chinese Seafood Restaurant

(Pork spare ribs in black bean sauce)

According to my blog, I first went to Imperial in 2009, and basically it has been our favourite yum cha haunt since due to a really good balance between food (excellent), price (not too expensive) and service (waiters are actually attentive and are not rude ever.)

Prawns in tofu skin at Imperial Chinese Seafood Restaurant

(Prawns in soy milk skin)

Since about a year ago, Imperial went through a transformation. It dropped Kingdom and added the word Seafood to its restaurant name (I’ve always wondered how you have an imperial kingdom – turns out I’m right, you really can’t.) It seems to now  focuses its dinner menu on live seafood. It was completely redocorated (posh much for a suburban Chinese restaurant) and had a change of management. More importantly though, the dim sum are still as good as ever. (more…)

North East China Family, Flinders Lane, CBD { Melbourne Review } 3

Boiled dumpling at North East China Family on Flinders Lane

Back in 2008 (dear god, has it been that long?), I discovered North East China Family – a double storey, modern dumpling restaurant on Flinders Lane between Liz and Queen. I went there on my own and had a fried rice and, by god, it was one of the best fried rice at a Chinese restaurant I had ever had. So I went back with Josh and others in tow for the dumplings numerous times since the initial visit.

seafood fried rice at North East China Family

(Seafood fried rice – $11?)

The dumplings themselves, vegetarian dumplings aside, were quite good. We have tried a few and settled the pork and pickled cabbage dumplings as our favourite. The skin wasn’t too thick or doughy and the fillings were well seasoned and balanced. The vegetarian ones, unfortunately, didn’t rate well. I found the filling of greens and a few other random bits of carrot were a bit one dimensional and, well, wasn’t any good.

Pork and pickled cabbage dumplings at North East China Family

(Boiled pork and pickled cabbage dumplings 15 for $8?)

The portions, on the other hand, used to be rather large and generous (15 for around $8? at the time) and if you consumed the whole plate of them,  you would have to roll yourself back to your office. I noticed the reduction in size over the past few years, however. Since then the dumplings had become a bit smaller and North East China Family had been less generous with the filling. I can’t say I blame the restaurant since most people seemed incapable of finishing a whole plate of dumplings. Another point to note is that the restaurant charges extra ($1?) for the pan-fried version of the same dumplings. As we very much prefer boiled dumplings over fried, we have not tried the fried variety. (more…)

Melbourne Food Review: China Red, Chinatown, CBD 10

wontons in chilli oil at China Red

For once I feel like I’m keeping up with the Melbourne food trend. No. Not really. But I have been going back to my old materials and found out that I really cannot remember about things I ate last year! So I figure I might try a different tact and post about a restaurant I’ve been to recently.

Touch screen ordering at China Red

Just in case you haven’t heard of China Red (And why haven’t you? Jess, Billy, Penny, Dani have all written about it), it’s a new dumpling place in that newly renovated arcade on Burke St. We rocked up on the very first preview night of Hairspray* at the Princess Theatre and we were looking for somewhere to grab out dinner. Jacqui wanted to hit the pub but, you see, I haven’t had dumplings in 22 days. Did you get that? I went twenty two days without dumplings. Suffice to say, we did not go to the pub.

Eight Treasure Noodles at China Red

(Eight treasure noodles – $9.80?)

You might have also noticed that the novelty of this place is the touch screen ordering. Where you simply choose what you want, go through a couple of  ‘Are you sure you want to order this? There is no cancelling it, you know?’ warnings on the screen and about 5 minutes later, your dish arrives. Loves it. No fuss. No talking to waiters over noise. No mispronouncing xiao long bao (seriously, does anyone know how to pronounce that word?). So it’s all great. Except, well, notice how much food we had for 3 people? Yeah. That. Be careful. Sooooo easy to over order. And also bear in mind that it is a nice dumpling place – not your average hole-in-the-wall cheapo dumpling place. The prices are slightly higher. (more…)

Melbourne Food Review: J G Dumpling Restaurant, Glen Waverley 7

According to Nat, I should have started writing this post on New Year’s day, on the day that we went to  JG. And it should have been my new year’s resolution to keep my blog just a leetle bit more up to date.

Alas, we visited J G Dumplings on new year’s day. Today is April’s Fool Day. Go figure. And my new year resolution which is to completely ignore the existence of a certain Australian politician, who was recently referred to as an ‘intellectual nobody’ or I.N. for short. Clearly, that new year resolution failed too.

(The shop formerly known as Bob’s Kitchen, Glen Waverley)

Anyway! No better way to celebrate the new year than to have one of my most favouritest food in the world, the Chinese dumplings. This was the very first time at J. G. We actually intended to visit Bob’s Kitchen. But as you can see, this is what Bob’s Kitchen looks like now.

(xiao long bao – I can’t remember the price srsly it’s been 3 whole months!)

We decided on four dishes including two types of dumplings between the three of us. I have decided that I wanted a set of xiao long bao – which is sometimes known as Shanghai dumplings or soup dumplings. One can never tell, so every time I want to order xiao long bao I always just ask the waiter what it’s referred to in English on the menu. The xiao long bao were nice and juicy. They were definitely one of the better ones. (more…)

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