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January 2018 Randoms


I realise I haven’t wished all my readers (hi mum!) a happy new year yet. So happy new year 2018! May this year be filled with happiness, wellness and general all around contentment.

January has been a busy month. My parents visited over the Christmas/new year period. So the one thing I have done a lot is cook Thai-style breakfasts. My parents have a tendency to eat a really heavy breakfast and a light dinner. We ate khao dom (sloppy boiled rice) with various dishes. In picture clockwise from bottom left: pla salid (crispy fried salted salid fish), pickled mustard leaves and dried prawns ‘salad’, cabbage leaves fried in fish sauce, boiled rice and a Thai style omelet which admittedly I didn’t do a very good job at making it fluffy like it should be.


January has also been very productive gardening-wise. Our apricots fruited productively this year. But the highlight? Visiting Garden World on Springvale Rd. Their climbing garden is ah-mazing.


Look at this! How can you not want this? Coolest garden ever. In other news, Josh bought me lots of flowers (plants): David Austen roses and orange jasmines. Love.


The Victorian cherry season may be over but the Tasmanian cherries are still around. They are much bigger and prettier. But really, they taste nothing compared to the lovely Victorian cherries! But Tasmanian cherries are better than no cherries. I can’t wait until next year! I may have to cheat and buy American cherries winter but don’t tell anyone.

P1010755 And lastly and definitely not the least…. (will obviously follow this up with a post)




Red Centre Trip: Breakfast and Picnic Lunch at a Rest Stop 4

My breakfast the next day after we left Adelaide:

fried eggs, bacon and salad

Fried eggs, bacon and salad (who says fried breakfast can’t be healthy?) Pretty much the same ingredients from the night before. Josh had settled on banana on toast and Mum on the leftover fried rice.

fried eggs

I fried up the bacon first and ended up with a lot of bacon fat, which I fried the eggs in. Hmmm. Bacon fat. I then scrambled a few eggs together, add a touch of soy sauce and made omelet. I also threw in the leftover bacon – only the rindless part though. The streaky bits would have been wrong eaten cold!


After we left Adelaide (ridiculously early, might I add), we headed onto the Stuart Highway on our way to Coober Pedy and had lunch somewhere along the way at one of the rest stops. It was amazing how the trees just disappeared.


(That’s Josh. Not me.)

We had the leftover bacon fried rice, the uber spicy, a bit of the left over salad and some sandwiches. It was a bit of a smorgasbord really.

tuna, tomato and cheese sandwich

(Josh’s invention #1: lemon & pepper tuna, tomato and Colby cheese on rye bread)

omelet and bacon sandwich

(Josh’s invention #2: omelet and bacon sandwich)

The strawberries were gone by lunch time. But the lovely cherries were still there:


I found Siamese twin cherries! Hehe.

Siamese twins!

And then we drove on to the dusty little mining town called Coober Pedy.

Red Centre Trip: A Picnic in Horsham with the Uber Spicy 4

I spent the past week driving from Melbourne to Alice Springs and back. We spent a lot of time on the road! We packed ourselves a whole bunch of things to take along because we knew we would have little time to do food shopping along the way.

a park by the river in Horsham

But for a start, our very first lunch stop in Horsham in a gorgeous park by the river after a few hours of driving.

spicy prawn and bamboo shoot stir-fry

(spicy prawn bamboo shoot stir-fry with loads of chilli and garlic, I call it ‘the uber spicy’)

Mum made her specialty: prawns and bamboo shoots stir-fry. It was uber hot. It had, like, 10 great red hot chillis in it. That will now be what I call this dish: the uber spicy. It was very yummy though. She pounded some really hot red chillis together with some garlic and salt. Fried the paste in hot oil (warning: will cause tears), add tinned bamboo shoots, prawns and spring onions. It was then flavoured with fish sauce and a chicken stock cube.

the uber spicy with rice

(I packed some rice to have with the uber spicy)

Josh took one bite of the uber spicy and decided that while it was very nice, it was way too hot for him. So he settled for a banana sandwich instead, which was buttered rye bread with banana.

banana sandwich(banana sandwich)

fresh strawberries

I found some really nice strawberries so I brought them along. They were the juiciest, sweetest strawberries I had had in a long time.yummy strawberries

These strawberries were gorgeous! The last time I had strawberries this good, I was in Japan and paid a lot for those famous Japanese strawberries.


I also had some cherries. I also found some lovely seedless grapes at an Asian grocery store in Glen Waverley by accident as well as a bunch of really nice pink lady apples and mandarins. Needless to say, this trip to the desert was hardly lacking in the fruit supply!

seedless grapes

And then we continued on to our destination for the day, Adelaide.

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