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Seven Seeds Roastery & Cafe, Carlton {Melbourne Review}

fried eggs with  n'duja sausage at seven seeds

First up, apologies in advance for the regression in photo quality. As you may remember that I refused to get an SLR, I have now actually altogether ditched my camera and have been taking photos exclusively with my phone camera for the past, well, two years. Anyway, I’m an amateur blogger. I try my best.

flat white coffee from Seven s

So, Seven Seeds. I could not believe it took me this long to get to get to this lovely coffee heaven (actually I could – I live in the Eastern suburbs and I don’t believe in crossing the river on the weekends – feels too much like going to work) but one fine day I did. It was close to Christmas and I had just picked up my mum who just arrived on a ridiculously early flight (I TOLD her not to fly this particular airline but does she listen? Oh no.)

The main purpose on the day was to look at a new road bike for me at a shop on Victoria St. so the criteria were a) somewhere near the bike shop; b) had to be opened by 8am due to our trip timing and c) goes without saying has to have good breakfast menu and good coffee.

Eggs Benedict from Seven Seeds

Eggs Benedict with prosciutto & rocket – $15.00

 Seven Seeds ticked all of those boxes and so we found ourselves running in through the rain – right after their opening time and were greeted in their lovely converted warehouse space by a smiling waiter and a mighty fine looking pastry case. We were shown to our table and while they had no high chair for Mini, the chairs were good enough. I’m glad she is finally big enough to sit on an adult chair or our lap without too much hassle. If you have a pram, the cafe is quite spacious and would be fairly pram friendly.

babycino from seven seeds

Best babycino ever

As usual, I order myself a flat white (house blend – generally not a big fan of single origin) and a babycino for Mini (yeah I raised one of those babycino kids – I’m allowed ONE.) Allow me to tell you right now, not all babycino are created equal and this one indeed made Mini squeal with delight. I suspect it was just the OTT foam and cocoa dusting. But a good babycino is a good babycino. My flat white was also excellent. I’m not a coffee connoisseur and only rate my coffee as ‘excellent’, ‘pretty good’, ‘decent’, ‘average’ and ‘awful’ and this one comes out as excellent. But don’t believe me about the coffee! Try, oh, any other Melbourne coffee blogs.

reuben sandwich from seven seeds

Toasted Reuben sandwich (pastrami, rye bread, cheese, sauerkraut) and a side of pickle – $13.00(?)

For our dishes Mum ordered the Eggs Benedict which she seemed to enjoy (forgot to ask her how she found it – I think she was too distracted playing with her only grandchild that she hadn’t seen in 6 months and really couldn’t care that much. Though she did mention how much Australian rocket leaves are better than the Thai ones.) Josh ordered the Reuben sandwich. He took a bite and sighed, ‘this is a good sandwich.’ He did find it small though but luckily…

fried eggs with  n'duja sausage at seven seeds

Fried eggs with  n’duja sausage on toasts – $16.00(?)

I ordered the fried eggs with n’duja sausage (the waiter approved of the choice – I always feel chuffed when I order something and the waiter thinks that my choice is awesome – surely this has gone into waiter’s training manual by now? ‘You should agree with the customer’s order choice even though it’s decaf soy latte’*) because, well, when was the last time you ordered fried eggs at a cafe? Although I wasn’t quite sure what n’duja sausage was (it sure wasn’t what I expected) – they had me at the word sausage. N’duja sausage, as it turned out, is a sort of spicy spreadable sausage with an intensely strong sour flavour (like salami but, you know, soft.) It was awesome. I was very impressed with my choice but only managed to put away half the food so Josh kindly finished the rest.

rice pudding at seven seeds

Vanilla rice pudding with toasted coconut, almond and mango – $13.00?

Part of the reason why I couldn’t finish my dish was this: the rice pudding. Dessert for breakfast. Love it. As there was no kid’s menu, we ordered what we thought she might like the most. This rice pudding was seriously good. The toasted coconut and almonds really added to the texture and made this dish a wonderful comforting summer food (it was served cold.) And mango? Who doesn’t love mango? Mini ate as much as she could (which wasn’t much – let’s face it – she was three and it wasn’t not chocolate)  and I stole a few lots spoonfuls and we still couldn’t finish it. We got the rest to take away in a disposable coffee cup and I ate it for lunch. It was a dish that kept on giving.

All in all, it was one of the better breakfast experiences we have had in Melbourne. Coffee was superior and the food fantastic. We really enjoyed the lovely setting and the space. It isn’t the most kid-friendly cafe but it is definitely good enough for a 3-year-old. We would definitely be back here again given half a chance. I just wish this was in our neighbourhood.

Seven Seeds Roastery & Cafe [ Website ]
Address: 114 Berkeley Street Carlton VIC 3053
Phone: (03) 9347 8664
Hours: Monday – Saturday 7am – 5pm, Sunday 8am – 5pm

Seven Seeds on Urbanspoon

* I recently went to the cafe near work where I normally get my coffee from with a colleague who was having an extremely bad, jittery day and she ordered a decaf soy latte. Our barista said, ‘do you know what we call that? We call it ‘why bothered?’

Orient East, St. Kilda Rd., Melbourne { Melbourne Review }

Flat white coffee @ Orient East

Happy new year 2014! I would like to start, like any another blog post nowadays, with an excuse on why I haven’t updated this blog. You see, 2013 marked the year where both of us were now back at work full time. Unfortunately, in our line of work, part-time work is almost non-existent. And so 2013 was a crazy year of adjustment. And of course the blog suffers. But I’ll try better and do what I can to update this little baby a bit more.

We started off our new year by waking up. This is what old age does to you. You have done absolutely nothing special on the day, were ready for bed at 11pm on new year’s eve and YOU WERE OKAY WITH THAT. Which was how we woke up on a Wednesday morning and thought they it was new year! Hooray! So a celebratory breakfast was in order. We had decided on Orient East because I had been craving their kaya toasts and I wanted to take Mini and my mum to the Shrine of Remembrance. Mum, because it was a lovely, touristy thing to do and Mini because the Shrine is one of the most beautiful space for toddlers to run around. Most importantly though, Orient East was opened on new year’s day.


Kaya Toast – Texan toast, pandan kaya, 62’c egg, sweet soy* – $12.00

Orient East is a unique restaurant/cafe which acts as the Seasons Botanic Gardens Hotel on St Kilda Rd. It does your usual hotel breakfast catering towards hotel guests but it also doubles as an interesting modernised Southeast Asian restaurant where most of the dishes are from the Malay Peninsula. I had previously tried breakfast at Orient East and really quite liked its unique breakfast menu and so was keen to go back. We were seated and I quickly ordered a few dishes mostly from ‘Shop House’ breakfast dishes which I found to be most interesting and have tried, and liked, previously.

My favourite, the one I looked forward to the most, was the kaya toasts. A sandwich of two thick-cut toasts buttered and spread with kaya (Malaysian-style thick coconut custard spread) and it was topped with what was called 62’c egg on the menu. Unfortunately in this instance, the egg was overcooked with the white jellied and the yolk set (I have previously had it runny and much preferred it then) but overall it was still a really nice and well thought out dish albeit not being perfectly executed.


Jian bing crepe – eggs, pork floss, Chinese doughnut, hoi sin sauce, sourdough toast* – $14.00

Another dish that I previously had and looked forward to was Orient East on the jian bing crepe. I have tried to traditional jian bing crepe and have not been that impressed by it but Orient East’s take on it was definitely an improvement. A rich combination of running egg, pork floss, hoisin sauce and scant sprinkling of Chinese doughnut  was perfect combination. My one concern about this particular visit was that there was too much hot chilli in it. Definitely too hot for my breakfast standard which probably meant it would have been more than way too hot for other people (and I’m known to eat leftover hot curry for breakfast.) But nevertheless being too stubborn to pick out the chillies (mum did,) I did enjoy the dish quite a lot. The crepe also came with a side of toast and Mini, upon seeing the toast, demanded that she wanted Vegemite on toast and nothing else. The cafe was kind enough to provide us with margarine and Vegemite and so she was happy munching on her Vegemite toast (crisis averted!) for the rest of meal. This excused me from having to share my kaya toast with her. Win win.


Rolled roti, egg, lap cheong sausage, chilli and coriander* – $9.00

I also ordered the rolled roti for Josh as he had had it on previous occasion. He ate most of it without complain (though I would like to complain that he is a terrible breakfast-out companion as he pretty much is not interested in cafe breakfast. I only get around this by taking him at brunching hours when he’d order lunch dishes and I, breakfast.)


Corn fritters, smoked salmon, avocado and sour cream* – $16.00

I also ordered the corn fritter and smoked salmon which I thought would go down well with Mum and Mini. I found this dish quite disappointingly bland but the group didn’t mind it and polished it off.

Overall, I had a really pleasant new year’s breakfast experience. I really enjoyed the ‘shop house’ breakfast dishes and found them to be an interesting, welcome break from the usual Melbourne cafe breakfast scene. Coffee was also decent. Unfortunately, the food and service were not faultless on the day but it was new year’s day and it seemed to be the only cafe opened for miles around and so was quite swamped. Having been there previously, I know it would definitely do better on better days and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back for its unique breakfast dishes.

* Please note I have used menu description here rather than my own

Orient East [ Website ]
Address: 348 St. Kilda Rd. Melbourne VIC
Phone: (03) 9685 2900
Hours: Lunch 12:00pm to 2:30pm, Dinner: 5:30pm to 10:00pm – Everyday

Orient East on Urbanspoon

Snow Pony, White Horse Rd., Balwyn { Melbourne Review } 3

Snow Pony's Giddy Up - their big breakfast

‘How do you like your eggs in the morning? I like mine with a kiss.’

Strangely enough, Snow Pony’s website is the only website whose neverending autoplay music doesn’t piss me off. It’s such a great tune to get you in the mood to visit this awesome little cafe in Balwyn (or as their official address Deepene – seriously does anyone know what Deepene is?) for their brunch.

Snow Pony menu

(Snow Pony Winter 2011 menu)

Because I am your regular Eastern suburb stay-at-home Mum, I find it really hard to battle into the inner suburbs for the awesome cafes frequented by the hip young crowd during brunch hours with a young baby, especially on the weekends. Snow Pony is the perfect answer. It’s not too far from home and I can always get parking just out front.

Mini Me and her grandmother

(Mini Me and her grandmother)

Snow Pony, whose name I can only guess has something to do with the fact that it’s situated on White Horse Road, is brought to you by the same folks who bring you Friends of Mine in Richmond and Porgie and Mr Jones in Hawthorn. They have similar menu with the similar flair in their food. But Snow Pony’s staff has been absolutely outstanding at accommodating Mini Me and just all around very very lovely. And they have been very consistent about it in all the visits we made. (more…)

Melbourne Food Review: Min Lokal, Fitzroy 3

Min Lokal, Fitzroy

Min Lokal is a popular cafe with the Fitzroy locals for its charming, quaint little space in the backstreet location, nestling itself on the mostly residential George street.

As all of the write-ups on Min Lokal will tell you, its name is Swedish for ‘my local’. A lovely, non-Swedish but very much Melburnian sentiment. I am one of those people who adore Ikea and its quirky Swedishness, so I get the gist of how something suddenly becomes cool when it is Swedised (see what I did there?)

Baked Eggs - Dooba

(Dooba baked eggs – with minced beef, pumpkin and North African spices – $17.00)

The menu itself is hardly Swedish. Min Lokal serves a typical brunch menu – eggs, toasts, muesli, muffins, salads, sandwiches – with its own interesting twists. I visited there one Friday afternoon with a local, Joyce (of Melbourne Hot or Not) for our regular mum & bub catch up session. Joyce had been previously and didn’t think the world of it but she chose it for its proximity and its lovely spacious communal table to accommodate her gorgeous little bub.

As it was well past lunch time on a Friday, the cafe, rather uncharacteristically from what I heard, was not busy and we got ourselves a corner of the large communal table. The space was indeed lovely and uncluttered with large wooden communal table and comfortable wooden stools. Our waiter was nice and appropriately clucky (note to waitstaff: we mums love it when you pay attention to our bubs) and brought us water as neither of us had ordered drinks as I only had half hour to spend on lunch.

As I have heard good things about their baked eggs, I decided on the Dooba – baked eggs with minced beef and pumpkin sauce with North African spices served with rye toasts. Starving, I tucked straight into the baked eggs. The very first bite of the meat was very pleasant – rich and warm from its spices. The egg yolk was runny but the white was slightly rubbery as I progressed in the dish. Although it was the first time I ever had baked egg, I suspect that it wasn’t at all bad for a baked egg dish and Min Lokal deserved its reputation for its baked eggs.

As lovely as it was though, I was less thrilled with the portion size versus the price comparison.

Haloumi salad with radicchio, chorizo and chickpeas

(Haloumi salad with radicchio, chorizo and chickpeas – $16.00)

Joyce had opted for the haloumi salad with radicchio, chorizo and chickpeas. She let me have a bite and it was also a good solid dish. The composition of the warm salad ingredients was perfect for a brunch dish. Unfortunately, I think it portion, again, was disappointingly small for its price.

Overall, while I found the food, service and space at Min Lokal to be very pleasant for a leisurely lunching spot, I found it to be overpriced, poor value and possibly not worth all the raves about it.

But if it were min lokal, maybe I’d give it another go.

Min Lokal
Address: 422 George St., Fitzroy VIC 3065 [ Google Map ]
Phone number: (03) 9417 0333

Min Lokal on Urbanspoon

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